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Curriculum vitae

since 2016Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Administration and Finance, Professorhip for Investments at Centre for Financial Research (CfR)
2012-2016Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Banking and Finance of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
2008-2012Scientific Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the chair of Banking and Finance of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
2011Visiting Ph.D., Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands (Host: Prof. Abe de Jong)
2011Conferral of the doctorate rer. pol.: "The Role of Reputation in Corporate Finance: Evidence from Corporate Bonds, Delegated Monitoring, and Corporate Name Changes" at the Karslruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
(Supervisor: Prof. Martin Ruckes, Prof. Werner De Bondt)
2002-2007Study of Economics at the University of Bonn

Main research

  • Corporate Governance
  • CEOs and Fund Managers
  • Reputation


In international refereed journals:

In German refereed journals:

Other publications:

Working Papers:

  • CEO-Firm Match Quality, Entrenchment, and the Relation Between CEO Tenure and Firm Value
    (with Francois Brochet, Markus Schmid and Meik Scholz) 

    • Conferences: AFFI Finance Meeting Paris 2015, German Finance Association (DGF) 2016, Swiss Finance Association (SGF) 2016, VHB 2016, European Financial Management Association 2016, FARS 2019

  • Not all leisure is shirking: CEO endurance leisure and firm value 
    CFR Working Paper 14-12 (with Robert Campbell, Florian Sonnenburg and Kate Zipay) 

    • Conferences: Western Finance Association meeting (WFA) 2016, FMA Las Vegas 2016, German Finance Association (DGF) 2016, 2nd Edinburgh Corporate Finance Conference, Swiss Finance Association (SGF) 2015 

  • Knowing Me, Knowing You? Similarity to the CEO and Fund Managers’ Investment Decisions
    CFR Working Paper No. 17-02 (with S. Jaspersen)

    • Conferences: AFFI Finance Meeting Paris 2017, FIRS 2018, German Finance Association (DGF) 2018

  • Measuring Changes in Credit Risk: The Case of CDS Event Studies
    (with Christian Andres, André Betzer and Markus Doumet)


  • Trust and Shareholder Voting
    CFR Working Paper 18-02 (with Marc Goergen and Simon Lesmeister)

  • Where do Investor Relations Matter the Most?
    (with Dmitry Bazhutov, André Betzer, Francois Brochet and Markus Doumet)

    • Conferences: Swiss Accounting Research Alpine Camp (SARAC) 2018, Annual Accounting Conference 2018 ESMT Berlin, European Accounting Association (EAA) meeting 2018, FARS 2019

Work in Progress: 

  • Delegated Monitoring: the Effectiveness and Pricing of Bond Indenture Trustees
    (with Christian Andres and André Betzer) 

    • Conferences: German Finance Association (DGF) 2012, Münster Banken-Workshop 2012, FMA Atlanta 2012

  • Do Financial Advisors Matter for M&A Pre-Announcement Returns?
    (with Jasmin Gider and André Betzer)

    • Conferences: German Finance Association (DGF) 2017, Swiss Finance Association (SGF) 2018

  • On the Choice of Duality: Evidence from a Mandatory Disclosure Rule
    (with Marc Goergen and Meik Scholz-Daneshgari)

    • Conferences: German Finance Association (DGF) 2018

  • The Role of Reputation in Investment Banking: A Survey
    (with Christian Andres, André Betzer and William L. Megginson)




  • "Corporate Governance" ST 2018 (Evaluation: 1.1)
  • "Empirical Applications in Investments and Finance" WT 2017/18 (not evaluated)
  • "Corporate Governance" ST 2017 (Evaluation: 1.2)


  • "Leaders in Business and Finance: Who they are, why they differ, and how they matter" ST 2018 (Evaluation: 1.3)
  • "Mergers & Acquisitions" WT 2017/2018 (Evaluation: 1.0)
  • "Leaders in Business and Finance: Who they are, why they differ, and how they matter" ST 2017 (Evaluation: 1.2)
  • "Leaders in Business and Finance: Who they are, why they differ, and how they matter" WT 2016/17
    (not evaluated) 


  • "Academic Writing, Paper Presentation and Discussion"