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Room 610A

Dear Sir or Madam, dear guests!

If you consider the room for your event, please check the following instructions to ensure a smooth and troublefree event:

Location: Room 610 A (beyond the blue fire door)
6th Floor
Wiso-Tower, westside
Universitätsstraße 24
Capacity: max. 30 seats
Please mind the capacity constraints of 30 people due to security reasons.
Booking Starting in the winter term 2017/2018, the booking of room 610A will exclusively take place via KLIPS 2.0.
Access They key is deposited at the caretaker's office.

In the room, there are a video projector and a required cabel installed.
Manual for projector usage (German)

Seating: A plan about the seating arrangements is located at the entry of the room. We ask all users to rearrange the room after usage.
Miscellaneous: Materials like flipchart paper, pens, etc. are to be organised by yourself and to be deposed at the paper waste. There is no special cleaning service for the numerous events. Furthermore, please mind the following restrictions:

Note: "415/U1/-1.502" is going to serve as an interim solution in Zollstock. Updated information will follow as announced.